Hansoo Taekwondo Academy • 80 Commerce St. Glastonbury, CT 06033 • 860.659.4556

Class Schedule

For snow/weather cancellations, call the school 2 hours before your class time. Voicemail will indicate if classes are cancelled, also check the school website www.hansootkd.com and cancellation will be noted on the homepage - otherwise class is in session. Due to the amount of students, it is not possible to return calls inquiring about cancellations. Please read all newsletters carefully for important training sessions, test dates, tournaments, camps, schedule changes and Holiday closings. OPEN classes can be attended by all belt levels. Students should attend classes at least two to three times per week for consistent development and for maintaining knowledge of the art. Please leave a short message when you miss a class with a brief description of the reason for missing and the date you will make-up the class. Thank you!!

How to Join

Follow our simple, risk free, 4 step process to becoming a member of the Hansoo Taekwondo family.

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    Call us at 860.659.4556 to answer any questions about our program and offerings. We'll set up a time to come in.

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    Come in to meet the Head Instructor and view a class or take part in a FREE lesson.

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    Sign-up for our Introductory Program and setup the time for your 1st introductory lesson.

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    After your introductory lessons are complete, join in on your regular class schedule!.

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