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 TKD for ASD Program

Our specialized TKD for ASD program has been empowering children on the Autism spectrum for over 6 years with incredible results! Through our unique approach to relating to each student individually, these specialized classes are geared towards the specific learning style of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Visuals, timers, social stories, and TAG teaching are some of the techniques that are incorporated into the classes along with the methodology of Taekwondo teaching. Peer models are used to encourage children and model techniques associated with Taekwondo. As children become successful, they begin to attend integrated classes that are run like traditional Taekwondo classes with the goal in mind to attend regular classes. This approach has allowed the children to learn the art of Taekwondo in a comfortable setting that encourages them to challenge themselves and find self-fulfillment and confidence while not overwhelming them.

Come be a part of a fun, healthy and constructive physical activity that incorporates aspects of the martial art of Taekwondo. The program mission is designed to offer autistic children the opportunity to:

  • Curb impulsive behavior
  • Learn ways to focus on individual tasks
  • Build gross motor skills
  • Establish positive social integration
  • Improve levels of listening skills

The program has achieved overwhelming success with its participants and hopes to broaden its offerings to additional participants and communities in the near future. 

How to Join

Follow our simple, risk free, 4 step process to becoming a member of the Hansoo Taekwondo family.

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    Call us at 860.659.4556 to answer any questions about our program and offerings. We'll set up a time to come in.

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    Come in to meet the Head Instructor and view a class or take part in a FREE lesson.

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    Sign-up for our Introductory Program and setup the time for your 1st introductory lesson.

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    After your introductory lessons are complete, join in on your regular class schedule!.

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